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In 2012, while working as a Clark County Juvenile Probation Officer, I was falsely accused of having sexual relations with a juvenile inmate. In 2019, I hired Investigator Patrick Hardy who spent months locating the transient alleged victim and was able to obtain a full recant of these allegations. Thank you Patrick for ''changing my life, my reputation and my future.'' 

AARON MANFREDI, Las Vegas, Nevada 

In 2002, I contacted Patrick Hardy to help me find my 3 year old daughter who had been taken by a non-custodial parent while I was in the middle of a 
nasty custody dispute. He provided the assistance that I was unable to obtain  from law enforcement. Within a short period of time he obtained a destroyed 
document from the trash of a family member and after restoring the document was able to obtain an address in Largo Florida where my daughter was located and returned to me safely. His hard work and expertise was recognized by all those involved. I wish him the best of luck and highly recommend him as a professional investigator. 

Paul T. 
FDNY (RET.) Ladder 164

I have utilized the services of Patrick and his company since 1998 for a 
variety of business and personal issues including a business dispute, back child support and background checks on my tenants. His fees are reasonable and he gets the job done. I would recommend him to anyone.

Mary Ann Diezic
Phoenix, AZ
Business Owner